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Chatwee - live chat application
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Websites using Chatwee 80,000+
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Chatwee users 50,000,000+
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Messages sent through Chatwee 300,000,000+
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Four pillars of Chatwee

Take full advantage of what our chat app has to offer and see your community thrive.

High user capacity

Up to 4,000 users can be logged in to your chat at any time. The limit will meet the requirements of most communities, as well as hybrid and virtual event organizers who can purchase pay per use plans according to their needs.

Multiple chat rooms

Set up multiple rooms within your chat to channel the discussion and make the interaction structured. Create more chats within your account for the different projects you're running.

Extensive customization

Chatwee lets you modify its layout to a great extent. From the way the app is displayed, to the color of even the smallest of elements, to creating a distinct look that fits your purpose with the help of our developers.

Loads of features

Our live chat app has plenty of useful and exciting features, many of which have been developed based on customer feedback. They're designed to create an engaging environment users will want to be a part of.

Chatwee live chat users

Our chat app has proved to be particularly useful for:

Flexible chat room for any website

Chatwee is a pure JavaScript chat room you can easily instal on any website. Try our JavaScript API if you want to use the chat on a Single Page Application or if you want to control it in the runtime.

If you have a PHP website, you can use our PHP SDK to integrate with the Chatwee HTTP API. You can also visit our Integrations page and try Chatwee chat plugin for the most popular CMS like WordPress, MyBB, XenForo, Joomla! and many others.

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