Chatwee is driving the growth of your online community

Create a richer user experience with our advanced chat widget.

Encourage your community or audience to:

Chatwee users get social
Get social. Meet new people and build together. Form long-term relations or business connections.
Chatwee users engage
Engage. Share their passions, concerns, and thoughts with other like-minded individuals. Be heard.
Ask questions, contribute, disrupt. Come up with creative ideas or be inspired by others. Stand out from the crowd.

Chatwee is here to help you grow your online community.

Whether it's a group of enthusiasts coming together, a community support session, or a virtual event, our live chat makes sure the users stay engaged through a variety of exciting features.

Chatwee doesn't only serve the entertainment purpose. It's a legit social platform you can make a part of your long-term operations to attract and keep a loyal audience.

The social live chat we offer already has a ton of features, however, if you happen to have any specific requirements, we're open to and experienced in custom development.

Three reasons to choose Chatwee:

Chatwee usability


Chatwee is a community platform for socially oriented sites, virtual events, and all other cases where people visiting the website are a crucial part of the operations. It provides means for them to build and sustain a community.
Chatwee reliability


We've been in the market for a decade now and served tens of thousands of sites. Our well-established live chat solution is perfect for all types of communities, as well as online events of various sizes.