Chatwee analytics

Chatwee live chat provides a set of stats that will lead to a better understanding of your online community. The Analytics tab in Dashboard shows totals by default, however, you can apply a time-based filter in case you’re interested in any specific time frame.

Please see below for the explanation of what the particular chat stats mean.

  1. Messages sent - a total number of messages sent across all chat rooms.
  2. Total user count - a total number of users who logged in to the chat (this includes guest users).
  3. Community members - a total number of authorized users who logged in to the chat (this includes Single Sign-on users, those logging in via their Chatwee accounts and Facebook users).
  4. Total files sent - a total number of various files uploaded across all chat rooms.
  5. Number of private chats - a total number of initiated private conversations.
  6. Number of private messages - a total number of messages sent across all private chats.
  7. Instances of reaching user limit - a total number of times a user was blocked from entering the chat because it reached its user limit.
  8. Most popular chat room - the chat room that saw the most users log in. This will most likely be your default chat room at the top of the list.
  9. Most active community member - the user with the most messages sent.

The chat statistics are a standard feature available with all our plans. It’s our intention to help you track and see the growth of your community.

Chatwee analytics