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Chatwee chat display modes

Chatwee chat plugin offers 3 display modes:

  1. Fixed tab, or a chat bubble, which is an expandable icon sitting in the corner of your site. You can flip it to the left, or leave it on the right side. This is the default display mode and if you like it, you don’t have to do anything extra.

  2. Embedded chat, which is a chat box you can embed anywhere on your site to make the chat plugin a better fit with your layout. If this is the display mode you’d like to use, you have to go to Dashboard > Customize > General and switch to Embedded chat.

    Next, you have to create a container, which is a certain piece of code including the Container selector string you’ll now see after switching to Embedded chat. The container itself will most likely fall into one of the three categories:

    • it will use an id attribute, in which case you’ll have to precede the Container selector with a hash sign, so it will look like this:
      Sample container
      <div id="chatwee-widget"></div>
    • it will use a class attribute, in which case you’ll have to precede the Container selector with a dot, so it will look like this:
      Sample container
      <div class="chatwee-widget"></div>
    • it will use a regular HTML tag (e.g. <div>) with no class or id selector. In this case, you'll have to enter the tag name in the Container selector field, so it will look like this:
      Sample container

    Once you have the container ready, paste it into the source code of your site, where you want the embedded chat box to appear.

    Please be aware that the minimum size of the container is 300x400 px for the top bar layout and 500x400 px for the column layout. If any of the values is smaller, the chat will not be displayed at all.

  3. Direct URL, which can be used to open the chat room in a full screen mode. Usually, there’s a link or a tab somewhere on the site, that leads to it. You may want to use this display mode if you want to keep your site layout clean of any additional elements.
    Go to Dashboard > Customize > General to retrieve your Direct URL.