Live chat plugin to spark your community

Enhance the experience of your website visitors and turn them into community members.

Extensive customization options

Make Chatwee a perfect fit for your site. Comprehensive customization options let you stay on top of things.

chat icon

Multiple chat rooms

Let the members of your diverse online community find their niche and make themselves at home there.

Messenger-style group conversations

Now the tight-knit members of your site can stay even closer together despite geographical distances.

Private chatting

Chatwee users can approach each other to talk in private and retain conversation history.

Offline messaging

Never miss another message! Now you can reach out to other chat widget users even if they’re currently not on the website.

Rich media messages

Chat users can post clickable links, images and animated gifs directly from their devices, as well as downloadable files.

Multiple login methods

Decide who is going to join the live chat. Facebook, Chatwee and even anonymous users are all welcome.

synchronization icon

Cross-tab synchronization

You have the site open in multiple tabs? No worries! Chatwee automatically synchronizes to keep the conversation flowing.

Powerful moderation options

Keep things in check as the interaction unfolds. Assign moderators who can act in real time, set keyword filters.