SMF Chat Extension Installation

SMF Chat Extension by Chatwee offers access to two independent chat widgets.
Once you’ve finished with the installation, you’ll be able to choose which one you’d like to use in the Settings page.

Before you proceed with the chat installation, we suggest you sign up for an account with us first.
It’s absolutely free, and you’ll need access to certain details inside in order to complete the installation.

SMF Chat Extension Installation Instructions

Now, go ahead and download the SMF chat plugin package you’ll be uploading in your SMF Dashboard

  1. Log in to your SMF Dashboard and go to Admin > Package Manager. Once there, click Download Packages. SMF Chat Extension SMF Chat Extension
  2. Scroll the page down and click Browse... to upload the zip folder you got earlier. Click Install Mod on the confirmation screen. Proceed with the chat installation. SMF Chat Extension SMF Chat Extension SMF Chat Extension
  3. Decide on which Chatwee version you’re going to use and paste the relevant script from your Chatwee Dashboard. Notice the chat bubble appear in the bottom right corner. SMF Chat Extension
  4. Come back to the settings page if you need to. SMF Chat Extension

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