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Chatwee chat widget features

Uplift your online community with these killer live chat application features:

Extensive plugin customization

From click and drag window resize, to deciding who may enter yout chatbox. And everything in between.

Multiple chat rooms

Set up multiple chat rooms, devoted to particular topics or groups within the community.

Mobile-ready social chatbox

Let members of your website interact live, even when they’re on the go.

Effortless widget installation

Copy and paste a single line of HTML code from Dashboard into your website to make the chat plugin go live.

Chatwee chat plugin users

Take a look at websites that have been using our chat plugin so far.
Online gaming and sports
Video streaming
Live trading
Faith-based organizations
Radio stations
Bands and artists
Blogs and news
Online learning
Healthcare and consultancy

Chatwee chat box case studies

Penny Auctions go Social

If you look at how the Internet has grown in recent years, with ecommerce becoming more sophisticated by the day and various social networks and online communities gaining in importance, it’s safe to say that live chat providers are seeing their best business days so far. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise because apparently, a neat, little real-time interaction widget has more applications than it may seem at first...

Live Chat Playing First Fiddle in Community Growth

Online communities centered around common interests spring up all over the Web. Those, which are able to stand the test of time and thrive usually do so by offering their members, and sometimes even lurking guests, something of value. What’s important and beneficent to the growth of these communities is steady communication and the opportunity to interact on the regular. Bear with me to learn about a site attracting...

Flexible live chat software for all platforms

Chatwee is a pure JavaScript chat which you can easily embed on any website. Try out our JavaScript API if you want to use the chat on a Single Page Application or if you want to control it in the runtime.

If you have a PHP website you can use our PHP SDK to integrate with the Chatwee HTTP API. You can also visit our Integrations page and try out Chatwee PHP chat plugins for the most popular CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many others.

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